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Without Embossing/ Pain
Long lasting hydro-injection

Brightening up your skin from the inside
For fine wrinkles, rough skin, dark skin tone
Fixing the main problem & Anti-aging

Volite 1cc

₩ 500,000

What is the Volite?

With 1 time procedure, Volite lasts upto 4-6 months effect. It is a injection that contains hyaluronic acid and helps with the fine lines and skin texture.
Volite also contains lidocaine which helps with the pain during the procedure, with 32 gauge needle you will be much comfortable during the procedure.




1 Time procedure gives long lasting effect!


Key Point?

If you feel hesitant to get a skin injection, don’t worry we have Volite for you!

  • No need to worry about pain & embossing

    It contains lidocaine unlike other skin injections. Because our doctors’ technique you may have less pain and embossing

  • Long lasting effect

    With 1 time procedure, it lasts upto 4-6 months. If you are thinking about getting a skin injection, this is for you.

  • No skin irritation and safe procedure

    With softer needle, it can be safely injected into the dermal layers and it reduces embossing effect.


1 Time procedure gives long lasting effect

The effect lasts upto 6 months

With 1 time procedure, 96.2% clients were satisfied with the result 4 weeks after the procedure- improving on fine lines and rough skin texture.
(According to the clinical data)


What is so special about Volite?

Without having pain/ embossing, It gives you the long lasting, hydrating effect with just 1 time procedure!

Price of the Volite procedure


Reasonable prices are provided with confidence.

Price of the volite procedure
volite 1㏄ ₩500,000 KRW

Review of the Volite procedure



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How come
the hydro-injection
is not painful?
Because of the lidocaine!

#Rough skin texture #Fine lines
#No worries
#Youthful skin without the pain

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No worries on embossing
Premium hydro-injection

#No worries on trypophobia
#Premium hydro-injection

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Wanted to get the hydro-injection
but scared of pain?

#Painless hydro-injection
#Cost-effectiveness, Volite

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Premium injection that improves the skin from the foundation with 53 kinds of cell activating ingredients and hyaluronic acid


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