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Face volume and skin elasticity UP

Increased effects of lifting & elasticity by using a harmless meltable thread

A powerful V-line lifting that pulls up the skin as doing like a surgical procedure

Super V mono 10 pieces

₩ 120,000


Thread lifting is a procedure that pulls the droopy skin up by inserting a harmless meltable thread into the skin.
By using the physical force of the thread, you can further improve the facial contour by pulling the skin strongly without surgery.
In addition, the thread can induce collagen regeneration in the skin, and the elasticity of the skin can be achieved together.


Why is Poeum’s thread lifting loved?

We understood the reasons why women choose the thread lifting rather than face
lift surgery. So, Ppeum Clinic’s presidents agonize and study every day
to make good results and naturalness, as well as ways to make patients’ daily
life easier even the next day of the procedure.

Key Point?

Resolve all troubles on needed areas with lifting


    The droopy jaw line and double chin caused by the droopy skin makes the face look wider. This procedure can improve the face to have a small and slender size.


    Difficult areas such as neck wrinkles and hollow nasolabial fold can be improved.


    The sagging skin and sensitive eye rim can also be treated with thread lifting.



Why is Ppeum’s thread lifting so special?


We prepare the environment where the LDM laser
chamber can enter easily, and perform the
LDM laser procedure to improve the skin
barrier-regeneration capability.


It is a very rare and high-tech technology
in Korea.When inserting the
thread in the reverse direction, lifting
effect and maintenance force are improved.


We offer the stem cell culture cryo
+the cream for bruising developed by the specialist
in Seoul National University to relax and sooth the skin.

Price of the thread lifting procedure


Ppeum clinic’s thread lifting that make you pretty without burdens at a good price

Blue Dia lifting
Blue Dia Cog 1 thread 120,000 KRW
Blue Dia Cog 8 threads 960,000 KRW
Blue Dia Cog 10 threads 1,100,000 KRW
Wonder PULL Mega Lifting
Mega Cog 4 threads 2,370,000 KRW
4 threads + Super Cog Premium 4 threads 3,740,000 KRW





You have the baby face due to threads.
Challenge to preservative beauty!

#Attention to beauty
#Thread lifting
#From Mono to Blue Rose
#Thread is clear.

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Do not get old without knowing the
thread lifting that pulls the
V-line which has not been present.

#Attention to beauty
#Thread lifting
#Only as muchas necessary
#Fit by type and number

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Different kinds of thread and
different prices,
but same satisfaction

#Attention to beauty
#Thread lifting
#Thread lifting without failure
#Let the drooping skin return to
#its own place, immediately.

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It’s Q.O.Fill Plus, because there is ‘Q.O.Fill Security Insurance’!


Thermage CPT challenges to perfection. Luxurious in different dimensions from the process to the outcome


You are so beautiful due to thread lifting! Face volume and skin elasticity UP


Premium injection that improves the skin from the foundation with 53 kinds of cell activating ingredients and hyaluronic acid


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