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Face lift effect only with Ulthera laser
Ulthera’s reasonable choice

Powerful lifting effect with high-intensity focused ultrasound energy

Long-loved premium lifting laser Ulthera
The secret of an actress who naturally maintains her skin healthy


₩ 1,380,000


Ulthera is a H.I.F.U. device that solidifies tissues using high heat generated by collecting high intensity ultrasound energy.
Previously, face lift was only done by surgical procedure because lifting lasers could not reach. However, the tissue lifting is possible now. This allows the skin to slowly lift up from the opposite direction of gravity to achieve natural lifting without incision.


ulthera background image

Meet Ulthera at a
reasonable price

If you’re hesitating to pay for the expensive Ulthera procedure,
now meet Ppeum Clinic’s Ulthera at a affordable price.

We are return the benefits of purchasing a large number of
Ulthera tips to our customers so that more people can enjoy good lifting services.
Experience fast, natural, and satisfying Ulthera lifting.

Key Point?

Even when treating with genuine product, the results are vary.

  • Safe procedure with precise analysis

    We perform the procedure safely without worrying about hollow cheeks due to our professional analysis.

  • Compliance with the principals for genuine product and fixed dose

    Ppeum Clinic complies to the principals for genuine product and fixed dose.

  • Accurate procedure on every shot

    We use a customized tip, and inject every shot accurately into the fascial plane while checking with a monitor.



The reason why Ulthera is loved for along time

Previously, the existing lifting lasers could not reaches the fascial plane,
however this allows the skin to naturally lift up in the opposite direction of gravity to achieve natural lifting without incision.

Conventional laser image

Conventional laser

Existing laser equipment can only reach the dermis layer

Ulthera image


reaching the 4.5mm fascial plane

Price of the Ulthera procedure


Reasonable prices are provided with confidence.

Ulthera 300 shots 1,380,000 KRW
Ulthera 400 shots 1,690,000 KRW
Ulthera 500 shots 2,150,000 KRW





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do you need more words?

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Still the best seller
from the appearance until now!
The strong in Ultrasonic Lifting

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even though you know that Ulthera is good,
you can just come to Ppeum Clinic.
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#One shot and one shot of Ulthera

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