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Breaking down the fat
to look tight and slim at any angle!

Break down the fat with three-dimensional contouring, so that the skin looks smooth with 3D effect.

Strong lipolysis effect with our very own technique that developed by the medical team from Seoul National University

₩ 150,000


Tight injection is a lipolysis injection developed by Ppeum’s medical team from Seoul National University. This injection procedure effectively induces breakdown and discharge of fat, creating a beautiful body line without surgery.


Quickly improve body lines
without surgery

If you want to have beautiful and natural body lines at any angle..
Do not just breaks down fat, but design delicate lines.
This procedure makes beautiful body lines.
Tight injection breaks down fat more strongly than normal lipolysis injections and have increased
patients’ satisfaction by minimizing skin sagging.

Key Point?

The reason why you should care your BODY at ‘Ppeum’


    1: 1 customized procedures considering the characteristics, muscle and fat distribution of individual body shapes.


    We provide professional programs for the body from the upper body as well as the lower body to the whole body.


    The medical staff from Seoul National University, specialized in effective non-surgical petit surgery, has independently developed the body-specific procedures with rich experience and knowhow.

    Ppeum Clinic maximizes the effect of these procedures through individual customized procedure.


ppeum body

Tight injection is the right answer to the fat that breaks the line!

Real lipolysis injection should reduce not only weight but also its size.
This procedure resolves the problem of the areas hard to be reduced only with exercising!

How Different


Lipolysis injection Comparison Tight injection
Lipolysis Treatment effect
Li polysis, Reduction of swelling,
Increase in elasticity
Removing only fat or swelling of the face Stiffness,
Throbbing pain
Alittle stiffness, Almost none
Treatment focused on large
areas and fatty areas
Treatment focused on
large areas and fatty areas
Micro-site can be treated.
Muscle becomes uneven Muscle becomes uneven
Almost none
No problem No problem
No problem



Ppeum Clinic’s Tight injection is a unique lipolysis solution created
by asole recipe of the medical team in Ppeum Clinic.
Therefore, this procedure is not available in other hospitals.
Please be aware of similar procedures that impersonate
Tight injection of Ppeum Clinic.




Reasonable price of the procedure is provided with confidence

Ankle 1 time 150,000 KRW
Accessory breast or bra line 1 time 220,000 KRW
Forearm or flesh under the hip or calf 290,000 KRW
Lower abdomen or love handle or thigh 1 time 430,000 KRW





Do you want to make
the body shape best in your life?
It’s not too late now.

#Tight injection
#No surgery
#No incision
#ONLY Ppeum

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Without surgery
make beautiful body lines.

#Beware of similar treatment
#Real Tight injection
#Only Ppeum Clinic

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Don’t be envious of the pretty
bodies of other people.
Right now, Tight injection!

#To make the body shape
#that waits for the season of exposure!
#The part difficult to be reduced
#Tight injection

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