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Thermage FLX

Thermage FLX,
The 4th. Evolution! Regenerated Collagen ; Radio frequency lifting

Upgrade from One to multi direction
Develop of surgical tool for your convenience


600 shot

₩ 2,700,000

What is the thermage FLX?

Due to convenience of our customer with intense regenerate the collagen,
Ppeum shows new Thermage FLX, improves 3 techniques as ff ;
1 Automatic algorithm Technique
2 Shorter surgical time
3 improve pain relief technique



The new Thermage FLX have been progressing for our customer,
which delivers Faster and effective service.
It provide high frequency energy into skin to generate collagen
  • Faster

    Experience faster

  • Algorithm

    developed algorithm skill with us

  • Experience

    New experience

How different

Thermage VS Ulthera

PPEUM lifting Comparison


High Frequency Energy:
Generate skin elasticity/ Fine wrinkles/ Create collagen

Ultrasonic Energy:
Weeping skin/ Intimate wrinkles/ Regenerate collagen

Thermage FLX gives tighten skin effect.

Stimulate the collagen inside of skin using high frequency energy.
Tighten the surface of skin for fine wrinkles, which is more effective when you feel less elasticity.

◎Less fat, fine wrinkles and weeping of skin.

Ulthera lifting pulls up weeping skin which shows lifting effect.

It passes though the deepest fascial part of skin which is similar to face lifting in plastic surgery.
But ulthera undergo with no surgical process.

◎ Heavy fat,thick wrinkles and bad weeping of skin


PPEUM Thermage FLX

Why Thermage is cheaper in Korea?

Rate comparison


Rate of lease
相The price of lease of building is cheaper compares to other countries.

Ratio of beauty/ cosmetics
Korean shows high aesthetic consciousness among others.
The ratio of plastic surgery is no.1 of the world

High cosmetic ratio shows high supply.
The price of cosmetic/ beauty in Korea is efficient compares to others.

Check it

PPEUM thermage flx


Check it

PPEUM thermage flx


Key Point?

More Effective experience with ThermageFLX

  • Automatic algorithm Technique

    The tool called “Tuning pulse” automatically
    check and control efficient amount of energy level.

  • Shorter surgical time

    Shorten the surgical time by increase size of the tool.

  • improve pain relief technique

    Upgrade the tool to multi-direction

Price of the Thermage FLX Procedure


Reasonable price of the procedure is provided with confidence.

Price of Thermage FLX Procedure
600 shot ₩2,700,000
900 shot ₩3,500,000
225 shot (For EYE Area) ₩1,600,000

Review of the Thernage FLX procedure



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Upgrade to the 4th. Version THERMAGE!
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