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Without worrying about re-operation, It’s safe and clean!
Premium tattoo removal with affordable price

Cleaning up to the traces that seem to be inseparable

Destroying pigments faster than any conventional lasers

Single color

₩ 65,000

What is Pico tattoo removal?

As a picosecond method (one-trillionth unit) using a premium pico laser, the strong laser power (peak power) is
intensively irradiated in short period of time to selectively remove only the tattooed pigments from your skin.


Pico second pulse dual system beyond limit

The dual method using both 532nm and 1064nm wavelength is adopted to
clean the pigment from the shallow skin to the deep skin from the epidermis.
Recover your skin to the original clean skin regardless of the skin type and color in Ppeum Clinic.

Key point

Less painful Tattoo removal at reasonable price


    To reduce the cost of removing tattoos, we implement a reasonable cost policy without a price bubble.


    The strong momentary laser power (peak power) of the picosecond unit (one-trillionth) destroys the pigment smaller and finely,
    so the pain was reduced as much as the procedure time was shortened.


    Two wavelengths are used appropriately to erase tattoo regardless of skin type or color: The tattoo pigments near the epidermis
    and in the deep part of the skin can be removed with 532 nm wavelength and 1064 nm wavelength, respectively.

Big 3

Enjoy the BIG 3 low-cost policy of Ppeum Clinic

  • 1 – Low cost policy :

    It is designed to reduce the burden for people who are hesitating due to the cost.

  • 2 – Amazing Package :

    The special cost benefit gradually increase at the 5th and 10th package payment.

  • 3 – Plus benefits by size :

    The larger the tattoo size, the more cost benefit increase.



It is not burdensome to be pretty due to Ppeum’s good price

Solid color
Coin (500) size 65,000 KRW
1 business card size 100,000 KRW
2 business cards size 175,000 KRW
Coin ( 500) size 100,000 KRW
1 business card size 175,000 KRW
2 business cards size 330,000 KRW
Eyebrow / Eye line
Eyebrow 1 time 90,000 KRW
Eye line 1 time 180,000 KRW
6~10 times Package 49%Off

Review of the Pico tattoo removal procedure




Do not worry if you are hesitating due to pain.
We will also reduce the cost burden.
Ppeum will thoroughly erase it

#Eraser of all the tattoos in the world
#This is neat itself.
#Pico tattoo removal
#Reasonable price

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If the tattoo has bothered you for some reason,
it is a time to remove the tattoo
safely without scars at Ppeum

#Ppeum Pico is working hard
#The power of clean removal
#Strong power
#Pigment decomposition

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I liked it at first
but now I’m sick of it.
If you want to erase your tattoo, PPEUM!

#The strongest of tattoo removal
#PICO laser
#Perfect cleaning
#Tattoo removal hard carry

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