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Do not just dream about the thin forearms,
but sculpt them right now!

Reduce the forearm size by decreasing fat and promoting circulation

1 time

₩ 280,000

What is sleeveless sculpting injection?

Ppeum Clinic’s specialized body-shape procedure that breaks down the hard flab from the armpit to the upper arm and reduces the size of that area


The smoothly falling arm line as being sculpted

If you’ve been hiding your arms behind your clothes in hot summer due to excess flab,
complete the cool summer fashion confidently with the sleeveless
sculpting injection produced by the sole Ppeum’s recipe

Key Point?

The sleeveless sculpting injection,
that removes the flab only with a single injection

  • One shot. One site. Simple!

    Since lipolysis drugs are effectively spread even with a single injection, you can avoid the pain that can be caused by multiple injections.

  • Hush! Don’t tell what you’ve received for your body shape!

    This procedure minimizes bruises and swelling, so you can get it comfortably in the summer without worrying about exposer of your forearms.

  • Within 10 minutes, you can feel confident on a special day!

    With only 10 minutes of investment, people who are a bride-to-be, married, or an office worker that is waiting for the summer vacation can feel confident on your very special day.


Ahead of the important day, what if you are worried that people may know you have been shot?
Get the sleeveless sculpting injection that minimize bruise and pain ~
Sculpt your body without worries

# Wedding # Vacations
# Before the important day #Want one shot

Review of the sleeveless sculpting injection procedure


Reasonable price of the procedure is provided with confidence.

Sleeved sculpting injection 1 time 280,000 KRW
Sleeved sculpting injection 3 times 650,000 KRW

Review of the sleeveless sculpting injection procedure




The arm line without indignity
from any angle.
I don’t afraid of summer!

#Spend summer cool
#Prepare spring from winter
#Arm flab _ is not reduced by diet

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The body size is 55,
Is only the arm size 66?
I need sculpting

#The bulging_arm flab
#Put it and keep it
#Putit down
#Trapezius muscles
#and Botox is the perfect match

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The weather! No matter how hot it is,
I don’t eat ice cream.
Instead, I will buy sleeveless clothes

#Beauty care
#Sleeveless sculpting injection
#Naive and pure
#This is the moment that I wear sleeveless

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