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Skin barrier regeneration capability, up to 1800%
If you want to get moisture and elasticity, receive the drop procedure

Lifting the face and moisturize the skin

Acne improvement with excellent skin soothing and regenerating effect

Per procedure

₩ 100,000


LDM Water Drop Lifting is a moisture lifting procedure that increases moisture in the skin and raises regeneration capability of the skin barrier, resulting in skin regeneration and moisturizing effects. As a hypoallergenic lifting method which offers immediate moisture, elasticity, and glossiness without causing problems even with the daily treatment. It helps acne improvement.


Cheongdam-dong ‘Celebrity lifting
method that has been already famous

Immediately after the treatment, it gives moisture and elasticity to maximize
the skin condition and does not damage the skin. So, LDM water drop lifting, the moisture lifting,
is already famous as a secret baby face recipe of celebrities.

Key Point?

Short-term hydro lifting can be proven with only a single use


    It has excellent effects on moisturizing and acne improvement by pulling up the skin to regenerate and moisturize from the inside out.


    It controls moisture / elasticity / tone / texture and maintains the best skin balance to give a natural look.


    Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly lifting which do not induce scars, pain, or irritation, even if receiving the procedure daily.



LDM application method which only I wnat know


You can get skin moisturizing and elasticity even if you
start in hurry. Make the honey skin in short term
without irritation even the daily treatment


Excellent soothing and
regeneration effects on the acne skin
that is sensitive due to extrusion, laser, drug etc.

Price of the LDM water drop procedure


Reasonable prices are provided with confidence.

LDM water drop lifting, 1 time for 12 minutes 100,000 KRW
LDM water drop lifting, 1-time for 24 minutes 180,000 KRW





Moist and resilient like a water drop
The real hydro beam skin that
the moisture in the skin creates!

#Attention to beauty
#LDM water drop Lifting
#Celebrity’s moisture lifting
#Gathering all of the moisture in the skin
#Not fake moisture, but my real moisture.

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As the water mist is sprayed,
the hydro beam of the skin itself explodes.
This is what Chalk chalk is.

#Attention to beauty
#LDM Water Drops
#Not mist effects, attention please!
#Hydro hydro beam

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New skin moisture formula
Moisture is not being applied,
but pulled up from inside of the skin.

#Attention to beauty
#LDM water drop lifting
#1 can hear my skin likes it.
#Pull up even the soul of water

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It’s Q.O.Fill Plus, because there is ‘Q.O.Fill Security Insurance’!


Thermage CPT challenges to perfection. Luxurious in different dimensions from the process to the outcome


You are so beautiful due to thread lifting! Face volume and skin elasticity UP


Premium injection that improves the skin from the foundation with 53 kinds of cell activating ingredients and hyaluronic acid


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