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Destroy only the target pigment you want
TONE UP in Different Dimensions

Reduce recurrence rate, scarring, and pain, and complete a premium bright skin tone

Maintain the clean skin for longer than general laser toning

Per procedure

₩ 150,000

What is Pico toning?

Pico toning uses the picosecond (one-trillionth unit) method which uses a laser irradiation time 1,000 times faster than the nanosecond (one-billionth unit) method of conventional laser toning. It intensively irradiate the powerful momentary laser power (Peak Power) in short time to selectively remove only the abnormal pigment 100 times faster than laser toning.


Quickly and accurately
with science of one-trillionth picosecond unit

Using both wavelengths of 532nm and 1064nm, it quickly and accurately
removes various pigment lesions including epidermis, dermis, and mixed area. Choose Pico toning
if you want to remove pigment that was not erased by laser toning

Key Point?

Something else is different from the white skin tone


    By using both 532nm and 1064nm wavelengths properly, we simultaneously resolve various problems such as Ota’s nevus, complex stains, and freckle


    The momentary laser power (Peak Power) destroys pigments smaller and finer, so you can have quick effect with just few treatments.


    Laser is irradiated for shorter time than the time of normal melanin pigment destruction,
    so only the abnormal pigment is selectively removed without damaging the surrounding tissues.



Why should be Ppeum Clinic’s Pico toning?

With five wavelengths, it delicately cleanses various pigment diseases such as
Ota’s nevus and complex stains and freckle at the same time

Normal toning

Label light toning

Pico toning

The irradiation power, 100 times faster than conventional laser toning,
gives you the clear and smooth skin with a small number of treatment, as if you had the skin by birth

Pictures before and after the Pico toning procedure


Ppeum Clinic standing out with outcomes

(Pico Toning)

Price of the Pico Toning procedure


Reasonable price of the procedure is provided with confidence.

Pico Toning
Per procedure   150,000 KRW







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