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Close-up ultrasound lifting
that restores the V-line in 7 minutes.

V-lifting that resolves face lines problems such as double chin and hollow cheeks.

Ultrasound lifting at a reasonable price


₩ 120,000


Shurink Lifting is ultrasound lifting which contracts and pulls the droopy skin tissue by penetrating high intensity ultrasound up to the deepest fascia (SMAS) plane in the skin.
You can experience elasticity and smaller face as you receive this procedure on the droopy facial line and double chin.


Every time you get this
shu shu shuk – getting better Shurik

As soon as energy is accurately penetrated into areas requiring lifting up to the upper
and lower parts of the skin and the fasical plane, Shurik improves the skin.
Every time you get Shurik lifting, we will feel getting better. If you apply it any part of your face or body,
you can feel elastic and adhesive.

Key Point?

Nation’s Ultrasound Lifting Era, Reasonable Shurink Lifting


    Powerful effects of ultrasound lifting are already experienced by many people.


    The reasonable price of Shurink Lifting has broken the shortcoming of expensive ultrasound lifting.


    There is little swelling and redness. So it is not be easily detected even immediately after the procedure.



Firm V-line effect not causing hollow cheeks


Considering different skin thickness and
characteristics for each individual, it should be
performed at the correct site to maximize the effect
of improving elasticity not causing hollow cheeks.

Accurate measurement
of skin thickness

Safety procedure
by the medical team
from Seoul National University

Synergy effects of
combined procedures

The price of the Shurink procedure


Reasonable prices are provided with confidence.

The price of the Shurink procedure
Shurink 100 Shots 120,000 KRW





Shurik lifting,
the early anti-aging solution
better to start frorm 20s, Shu Shu Shuk!

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Declare the of popularization of
ultrasound lifting It’s caustic ratio is the best.
You can start without burdens

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Is this your first lifting?
Start with the Shurik lifting.
Prepare in advance, not to be detected

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#Shurik Lifting
# Nobody knows
# Getting pretty
# An essential item to manage the baby face.

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