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The next generation scar treatment
for the sensitive skin

Improvement of depressed scar, acne scar, pore reduction, and wrinkle

Collagen synthesis using the LIBO technique

Per procedure (including regeneration care)

₩ 430,000

What is Cica laser?

This laser irradiates the light evenly with an overlapped layer of micro-lens and the energy reaches the dermis.
Thus, heat and irritation are reduced, resulting in less tissue damage. It is more suitable for the sensitive skin (heat and pain).


Frational laser, out of the ordinary,
fill the scar with proud flesh

Uneven and bumpy pores and depressed scar marks…
I have already received laser treatment, but what if you are still worried?
It is a new alternative for those who have not had benefits from scar treatment in the meantime.

Key Point?

Pore scars being gradually granulated


    This creates a small micro-space under the scar and synthesizes new collagen, which helps quick recovery and fast treatment. It is the treatment with high satisfaction for scars.


    Since this laser irradiates the light evenly with an overlapped layer of micro-lens, it is more suitable for the sensitive skin type (heat and pain).


    Thanks to the new hand-piece combination, even those, who have not been able to see the effect of a general fractional laser alone,
    are satisfied after the procedure.



Why is the collagen remodeling important for pores and scars?

The probability of recurrence is the same if only the skin surface is treated,
so it should be fundamentally treated from the problems deeply located.

Before the procedure

Bumpy and uneven scar

After the procedure – 4 rounds

Even and smooth skin surface
Effects of regenerating the skin from the inside by collagen activation

Pictures before and after the Cica laser procedure


Ppeum Clinic standing out with outcomes

Price of the Cica laser procedure


Reasonable price of the procedure is provided with confidence

Cica laser
Cica laser 1 time + Regeneration care 1 time 430,000 KRW
Cica laser 3 times + Regeneration care 4 times 1,090,000 KRW





Gradual granulation~
Being filled up the pore scars,
even the sensitive skin, OK!

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Eliminate all the defects,
and complete it softly!

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The skin rejuvenating
as it was originally smooth

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