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What’s the plus?
It’s Q.O.Fill Plus that includes
‘Q.O.Fill Security Insurance’!

Full face filler that can enhance natural volume longer.

Fills up the duration, volume, and satisfaction with ‘Q.O.Fill Security Insurance’.

₩ 100,000

What is Q.O.Fill Plus?

This is a composite filler with PRP added to hyaluronic acid filler to create a natural volume throughout the face and make the face more vivid.

Q.O.Fill’s Effects

Because not everyone can do it,
PPEUM clinic made it first.

The birth of Q.O.Fill
security insurance!

There is no worry that Q.O.Fill disappears quickly.
It fills up beauty firmly for a long time.

  • QOフィル安心保険が 3ヵ月保証する訳 PHOTO
  • Why Q.O.Fill security insurance
    covers 3 months?

    The default maintenance duration of Q.O.Fill is
    a minimum of 6 months or longer!
    However, if you have an unusual constitution
    that the volume decreases fast exceptionally,
    we guarantee your beauty for a long time over a year

  • What if there is volume-off even though treating with
    more than 6cc to get beautiful volume?
    We will restore your collapsed volume and confidence
    at the same time by ensuring retouch volume within 3 months.

  • Progression of Q.O.Fill Plus
    Resolve after consultation

    What if you were satisfied at first, but as time passes,
    you feel that the volume is too small or too large?
    We will add more satisfaction to Q.O.Fill
    by ensuring retouch satisfaction within 3 months.



Trustworthy Q.O.Fill Plus
Are you worrying about… Maybe, In case and What if?

  • もしかしたら


    there is something wrong with
    molding due to wrong management

  • ひよっとしたら

    In case

    the volume
    shrinks quickly

  • 万一

    What if

    I don’t have enough volume
    or I don’t like it?

q.o.fill plus

Don’t let 1% of worry interfere with
your beauty!

there need to be an insurance
for beauty.



How can “PPEUM Clinic” guarantee ‘Q.O. Fill security insurance’?

Since the PPEUM Clinc can predict outcomes from its experience with more than 1,000-time treatments,
PPEUM Clinic has studied ways that everyone can get the best treatment results.

  • 自然なボリュームを完成

    With over 1,000 times of unique Q.O. Fill experiences

    We help you complete natural volume

  • 最適なQOフィル保証期間

    Through joint clinical studies with medical team of
    Seoul National University.

    The optimal duration of Q.O. Fill warranty

Pictures before and after the Q.O.Fill procedure


Ppeum Clinic is out standing with outcomes



Reasonable prices are provided with confidence.

Q.O.Fill Plus 1CC
Q.O.Fill Plus 1CC 100,000 ~

Review of the Q.O.Fill procedure



ppeum review Icon


Are you still just doing Q.O.Fill?
Have you got security insurance
for Q.O.Fill?

#Attention to beauty
#Q.O.Fill Plus
#Full of volume
#Plump forehead
#Long-lasting beauty
#Pretending to be beautiful by nature

ppeum review Icon

ppeum review Icon


Are you still just doing Q.O.Fill?
Have you got security insurance
for Q.O.Fill?

#Attention to beauty
#Q.O.Fill Plus
#Full of volume
#Plump forehead
#Long-lasting beauty
#Pretending to be beautiful by nature

ppeum review Icon

ppeum review Icon


Do not look for a cheaper clinic,
but find a better clinic.

# Q.O.Fill
# Security insurance
# Feel relieved for beauty

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It’s Q.O.Fill Plus, because there is ‘Q.O.Fill Security Insurance’!


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