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Just as
there was no skin damage and scars

Selectively peel the spot tissue only

Cleaning without pain, scar, and pigmentation

Per area

₩ 12,000

What is spot removal?

Ppeum clinic is equipped with a laser device, dedicated to various dyes, that can effectively remove spots regardless of the size.
We delicately remove spots without damaging the skin with microscale peeling methods, so you don’t need to worry about scars and pigmentation.


precise peeling


In Ppeum Clinic, the scars, pigmentation and recurrence rates are low because we don’t cut the skin,
but precisely peel the skin in microscale, and selectively remove only the spot tissue.
If you are worried about spot recurrence, becoming more prominent, choose Ppeum Clinic.

Key Point?

Completely equipped with various dye laser devices


    With completely equipped dye laser devices, we can remove various spots


    The scars, pigmentation and recurrence rates are low because we don’t cut the skin, but precisely peel the skin in microscale, and selectively remove only the spot tissue


    We carefully remove even the small spots with personalized equipment and accurately do procedures. You are free from pain during the surgery, scars, pigmentation, and recurrence after surgery



Reasons why Ppeum do peeling rather than cutting the spot tissue Spot cells

Removal of general spots

Damage to the skin around the cell

Possibility of scars, pigmentation and recurrence

Ppeum Clinic’s spot removal

Precise removal of the spot cell

Low possibility of scars, pigmentation and recurrence

Pictures before and after the spot removal


Ppeum Clinic out standing with the outcomes

Price of the spot removal procedure


Reasonable price of the procedure is provided with confidence.


Per area   12,000 KRW

Review of the spot removal procedure




People say that something is on your face?
It’s the end! Clean just as there were
no skin damage and scars!

#Just stops
#Spot removal
#I’m afraid I’ll remove it again, NO no
#Goodbye Concealer

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As adjusted by filter
Is there really no spot?
More and more twinkling

#What’s a spot?
#Auto skin blur
#the clean skin from birth

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This is not shortcoming,
but it is too intrusive.
Clean off!

#No worries about scars
#My face without makeup is also pretty
#Spot removal
#Beautiful and bright

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It’s Q.O.Fill Plus, because there is ‘Q.O.Fill Security Insurance’!


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You are so beautiful due to thread lifting! Face volume and skin elasticity UP


Premium injection that improves the skin from the foundation with 53 kinds of cell activating ingredients and hyaluronic acid


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