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Mini Liposuction

Get slim with Fat Bleach Injection
The Part never get take way!

Dissolve/Extract the fat makes reduce size and cellulite.

Reduce cellulite

Myeongdong, Sinsa Branch only

₩ 500,000~

What is the Mini-liposuction?

Suction type of injection, extract the fat directly to reduce troubled extra flabs.
Non surgical procedure, takes less recovery period with comfort.



Check it

small liposuction before and after story


Willing to reduce HERE

The part it never take away!
Abdomen/Breast/ Armfit/Thigh Where? Take it out!
Show the bodyline with confidence !

Key Point?

Takeout Fats with injection! Fat Bleach Injection

  • Simply Reduce!

    The part willing to loose, simple injection will do

  • No sleep, no surgery fat extraction, less fat with burden!

    Less burden with non surgical procedure, No scar remains through micro- cut fat extraction.
    It is appropriate combination of benefits for fat dissolving in its procedure

  • Take confidence back in short time management!

    The treatment takes about 20minutes per part to reduce fats

  • Unlimited fat extraction which can be checked!

    It is more faithful that the result can checked directly

Check it

ppeum body

Q. Willing to reduce HERE’
A. Fat Bleach Injection may do.


How different

PPEUM mini liposuction

The fat, you keep in mind

Fat Bleach Injection! Take it OUT!

Take Advantages of Treatment+Surgery =Fat Bleach Injection

With Seoul University Medical professionals/
able to back life immediately /Visible extracted fat
/ takes 20minutes per part







The Extraction!
Can be seen the fats by own eyes!



PPEUM mini liposuction

Specialist from Ppeum Clinic Sinsa

Plastic surgery Professionals from Seoul University

PPEUM FAT BLEACH INJECTION, the fat extract injection!
from experienced medical team with know-how Without surgery, take out the fat part for you


Know How

Reason to PPEUM for BODY care!


Photo before and after mini liposuction



Photograph of person who actually received mini liposuction


Photograph of person who actually received mini liposuction


Photograph of person who actually received mini liposuction

Price of the MINI-Lipo Procedure


Reasonable price of the procedure is provided with confidence

Price of the MINI-Lipo
1Part(Palm size) ₩ 500,000

Review of Mini Liposuction Procedure



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Shame after Diet? Seems to feel slimmer to loose here?

#Fat Bleach Injection_ After_Diet
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Afraid to do Liposuction~

#No Surgery, Treatment
#Perfect Body
#Wherever Fat Away~

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Can loose, but why not here?

# Q.O.Fill
#Then# Fat Bleach Injection
# Worried_ Turn to confidence
# I do_Fat Bleach Injection!
#Waist #Arm # Armpit

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PPEUM Body Program


It’s Q.O.Fill Plus, because there is ‘Q.O.Fill Security Insurance’!


Thermage CPT challenges to perfection. Luxurious in different dimensions from the process to the outcome


You are so beautiful due to thread lifting! Face volume and skin elasticity UP


Premium injection that improves the skin from the foundation with 53 kinds of cell activating ingredients and hyaluronic acid


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