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Dreams of tightly filled skin. Acne scars that disappear noticeably

Fraxel, the strongest treatment of scars and pores, brings more than just an effect

Fraxel laser minimizes pain and irritation, and maximizes effectiveness

Per procedure

₩ 400,000

What is Fraxel AVVIO?

Fraxel AVVIO, approved by the FDA, is an upgraded version of the US Reliant Co. Ltd.’s Fraxel laser.
It makes fine holes under the dermis layer to increase collagen synthesis, which increases acne scars’ granulation,
improves the impurities and keratin on the skin surface and produce excellent pore tightening effects.


ppeum laser

on my sensitive skin

If you don’t get effects from the existing Fraxel, or if you
are afraid of severe pain and irritation, meet Fraxel AVVIO.
Fraxel AVVIO reduces irritation and improves the effectiveness
of your skin in just a few days.

Key Point?

Upgraded Fraxel, evolved treatment effects


    By creating fine holes under the dermis layer to increase collagen synthesis, your skin can be recovered and treated quickly without irritation on the skin surface.


    Since the energy level can be adjusted, the feeling of pain during the procedure can be greatly improved.
    Because of the wider range of laser penetration, the treatment range and effectiveness have been improved even if only the desired lesion is selectively treated.


    Laser penetration and skin recognition speed have been improved compared to conventional Fraxel lasers.
    So, it is possible to improve complex skin problems and perform procedures quickly.



Discover the effects beyond Fraxel directly

It’s time to upgrade to fast and easy Fraxel Xena that induces less pain and side effects than conventional Fraxels

Conventional Fraxel Classification PPEUM’s Fraxel Xena
Less than 1mm Method
More than 1mm
Severe Pain
Decreased to about 1/10 of
conventional Fraxels
Swelling and redness continue
for more than 3 to 4 days
Recovery period
Recovery within 1~2 days
Acne scar treatment Application
Various applications such as acne scars,
pigment disorder and wrinkles
High possibility of pigmentation
after inflammation
Decreased pigmentation probability
More than 40% improvement Scar improvement rate
(after 5 times or
more treatment)
More than 75% improvement




Shorter procedure time, Faster skin regeneration!
The proud flesh from the bottom of the scar~

‘Collagen remodeling + Skin regeneration’
improved as much as ‘Energy penetration force’

Price of the Fraxel AVVIO procedure


Reasonable price of the procedure is provided with confidence.

Fraxel Xena
Fraxel AVVIO 1 time (+ Cryocell regeneration care + Soothing care) 400,000 KRW

Review of the Fraxel AVVIO procedure




Acne scars that were not covered by makeup,
Wide pores and uneven skin
Good bye!

#Angry skin
#Fraxel Xena
#Bye bye king pores.
#Smooth skin texture

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The more I am treated, the better
my skin becomes.
Fraxel Xena to my skin
Always, Fraxel Xena is to my hurt skin

#Peeled egg skin
#Completely eliminate pore scars

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Do not worry if you are hesitating due to pain.
We will erase all the hot flush, blemish,
troubles and even wrinkles at once!

#Upgrade Fraxel
#Fraxel Xena
#Goodbye pain
#Collagen spout
#Completion of the smooth skin

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