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V line facial contouring

Completion of Young V line face
without Cutting procedure.

Do Speedy V line facial contouring
if you want to get V line face at one time treatment!

No more pain!
You will get V line
with PPEUM’s “V line facial Contouring”

₩ 1,400,000 ~

What is the v line facial contouring?

V line facial Contouring, facial liposuction, uses micro cannula for more delicate, natural treatment. Removes useless fats of cheeks, under the chin and buccal fats and arrange V line with Chin Botox and filler. Making natural V line without cutting bones by surgery or putting prosthetics.




“ Recommend to those ”

  • fats concentrated on the face.
  • Short chin with unclear division.
  • Fat with double chin.
  • Fats on the cheek seems to have a big face.
  • Willing to have small face without bone cutting surgical procedure.
  • Want to have Small, V line face.

“ Benefits of V Contouring ”

  • Completion of V line without bone cutting procedure.
  • No use of prosthesis.
  • Short treatment time and recovery.
  • No need to hospitalize.
  • No need to remove thread.

Stable V line recovery,

consider different type of the fats and where it placed.


  • Micro-cheek line

  • Micro-Chin line

  • Buccal fats
    Remove from mouth inside

  • V line
    Chin Botox

  • V line
    Chin Filler

Check it

V Contouring LINE UP


How different

PPEUM’s V Contouring

Willing to have small and sharp facial line but afraid to have surgery?

Get the V line through PPEUM’s V Contouring!!

Take Advantages of Treatment+Petie =V Contouring

With Seoul University Medical professionals/
Able to back life immediately /Visible extracted fat
/ Takes within 30-40 Minutes




PPEUM V Contouring



The Extraction!
Can be seen the fats by own eyes!



PPEUM face v line contouring

Specialize of Ppeum Clinic Sinsa

Plastic Surgery Professional from Seoul University

Making “Ppeum V line Contouring” with professional Medical team with know how.
Now, we solve your problem! Find your hidden V line.




PS molding injection is a specialized procedure of PPEUM Clinicthat you can never meet in other hospitals.
This is a unique procedure that has been registeredwith the patent office for the own recipe.

PPEUM Clinic is out standing with outcomes




Reasonable price of the procedure is provided with confidence

Price of v line facial contouring
V line facial contouring 1,400,000
Speed V line facial contouring 780,000

Review of the V contouring procedure



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Contouring Surgery? Scared!
Get prettier without cutting

# No need to do Contouring surgery
#Simple treatment
#Small v line face
#V contouring

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Plastic surgery effect?
This is V contouring Effect!
Small face and Vline effect

#V Contouring
#perfect Vline
#slim facial line
#Seems nothing to do

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Square face? Fatty face?
I don’t know I do V contouring

#Don’t know yet?
#No cutting bone contouring correction
#try Vcontouring
#Speed V contouring

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