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To make the smooth calves from any angle.
Now, sculpting around of the calf, too!

With three-dimensional contouring, gives the smooth legs that you wanted

Strong effects of calf shaping with our special technique developed by the medical team from Seoul National University

1 time

₩ 280,000

What is calf shaping injection?

Calf shaping injection is an upgraded procedure from calf-sculpting injection, at the Ppeum Clinic.
This solution is our speical technique developed by the medical team from Seoul National University to remove calf egg + flesh + angle and create a straight calf line.


Calf, The angle to reshape
the calf-line straight!

Just like ‘facial reconstruction surgery that realigns the jaw bones’ to create
a face beautiful and natural at any angle, this injection will also resolve
the problems of calf eggs and flesh as well as protruding angle of the calf.
There is no need to do calf shaping surgery, you can make smooth
calves without any angle only with calf shaping injection.

Key Point?

The reason why you should care your BODY at ‘Ppeum’.

  • Customized procedures for calves

    The customized procedure for muscle and fat distribution, based on clinical experience of calf contouring injection at the Ppeum Clinic.

  • Body program

    We provide professional programs for your body, from the upper body, lower body to the whole body.

  • The competent medical team from Seoul National University

    The medical team from Seoul National University, specialized in effective non-surgical petit procedure with rich experience and knowhow.


ppeum body

Why calf shaping injection?

Is lipolysis an answer to the fat calf? The answer is molding injection for the angled calf!Calf shaping injection makes the protruding and angled calf-line smooth as if you have received the ‘Around sculpting’ procedure.

Removal of Calf egg + Flesh + Angle
Lipolysis of the thick ankle fat

Different from the inherited
calf/Straight calf due to
‘Around sculpting’ effects

How different

How Different

  • 20-30 injections on one leg
  • Calf muscle reduction
  • Stiffness, throbbing pain
  • Muscle irregularities
  • No problem
  • Less than 5 injections on one leg
  • Calf muscle and fat reduction +
    Calf-line contouring
  • Almost no pain
  • Almost no side effect
  • No problem
  • Block the nerves connected
    tothe muscles using laser.
  • Calf muscle reduction
  • Stiffness, pulling feeling
  • Decrease in motor function
    of muscle, asymmetry
  • Scar and swelling care
    for about 2 weeks


Patented Calf injection

Ppeum Clinic’s calf contouring injection is a unique solution created
by a sole recipe of the medical team in Ppeum Clinic. Therefore,
this procedure is not available in other hospitals. Please be aware of
similar procedures that impersonate Calf shaping injection.


doctor introduce image

Calf shaping injection that has been created
by collaborative studies of the medical team in Ppeum Clinic,
the plastic surgery specialists from Seoul National University.

This is a calf shaping injection made by specialists in family medicine and plastic surgery
from Seoul National University. This allows you to do calf shaping without surgery.

Price of calf shaping injection


Reasonable price of the procedure is provided with confidence.

calf shaping injection
Calf shaping injection 1 time 280,000 KRW
Calf shaping 2 times 490,000 KRW





Do you have the W-shaped calves?
have the 1-shaped calves!

#Calf shaping injection
#From now on, I will wear only skirts
#Around sculpting of calves

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Making the life calves, it’s not too late now.
The right answer is
the shaping injection.

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#It’s not plastic surgery
#but shaping injection
#Around sculpting of calves

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It seems molding,
but not molding, and working as molding.
Calf shaping injection

#It’s not some but summer.
#Calf shaping injection
#Around sculpting of calves

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