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A powerful whitening prescription for shady armpit,
elbow and bikini line with  3 STEP whitening

Total body care whitening

Intensive skin whitening + skin elasticity effects

1 time

₩ 50,000

What is the pigmented special toning

It is a ‘3 STEP’ body whitening system’ added by the ‘laser program to remove deep dermal pigment lesions’ and the ‘body spot milk peel that enhances whitening effect further’.
This allows the pigmented area to be adjusted to the surrounding skin tone and helps to have natural whitening and elasticity effects.


Body Whitening 3STEP System

Selectively treat only darkish pigments without irritating the skin.
Restore any friction-prone areas such as armpit, elbows,
bikini lines, and nipples to the original clean skin.

Key Point?

Customized whitening complex care especially for sensitive areas


    After removing the deeply accumulated pigments, it enhances the whitening effects more with Body Spot Milk Peel and brightens up the skin from the dermis layer to the skin surface.


    A female doctor performs the procedure directly in a single private room so that the patient can receive the care without any inconvenience (Male procedure can be done by a male doctor).


    By applying the customized laser program to the area that you are worried about, it activates collagen regeneration of the dermis layer and improves whitening effects and elasticity at once.



Whitening and elasticity at once, Special body toning


Removing pigments from the dermal layer

Body spot milk peel for tone-up
of the pigmented areas

Body Spot milk peel

Hypo-allergenic whitening effects

(*additional costs for the Milk peel procedure)

Special Body Toning

whitening + elasticity + smooth skin



Reasonable price of the procedure is provided with confidence.

Armpit 1 time 50,000 KRW
Knee 1 time 50,000 KRW
Elbow or heels
Elbow or heels 1 time 50,000 KRW
Nipple 1 time 50,000 KRW
Ankle 1 time 50,000 KRW
Bikini Line or Groin
Bikini Line or Groin 1 time 80,000 KRW

Review of the pigmented special toning procedure




Transformation into the pure white
baby skin! Confidently show even the area
difficult to expose in Ppeum!

#Skin refresh
#Pigmentation toning
#Black out on my body!

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Every part of the body looks brighter
and more resilient
as if you had it by birth

#Body tone up
#Clearing pigments on the special area
#Body whitening

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Powerful whitening prescription
for armpit, elbow, and bikini line
that has bothered me for some reason!

#Every corner of the body
#I’m confident whatever I wear.
#Special area toning
#Expose the armpit!

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