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Belotero Filler

Giving you the perfect volume
Without flaws
Premium filler
Making volume, Adhering to your skin, Keeping the shape
This is well-balanced premium hyaluronic acid filler
With great elasticity and volume
You will be satisfied with the result after the procedure
It keeps the shape for a long time in a natural way


₩ 429,000

What is it?

It is premium hyaluronic acid filler that is approved with the safety and effect in worldwide. With a quick procedure, you can improve the wrinkles and volume, and achieve the line that you wanted




Premium hyaluronic acid filler

Premium hyaluronic acid filler

For more volume and satisfaction!
Cohesiveness/ Elasticity/ Formativeness

Giving you the perfect volume

When you push down Belotero gel, it returns to its shape, which shows the elasticity.
It gives the right amount of volume that you wanted.

When filler does not adhere to your skin, it leaves the bumpy texture

When filler does adhere to your skin well,
it gives natural effect

Because the filler can let you shape just the way you wanted
Retaining its shape with the long lasting effect

Key Point?

For me, Premium filler at PPEUM Clinic.

  • 1. Safety approved premium filler

    It’s a premium filler brand that made in Switzerland and got approved from FDA.
    And it has been used in worldwide because its safety and effect.

  • 2. Genuine product/ fixed dose

    We only use the genuine and safe product,
    Belotero with fixed dose during the procedure at PPEUM Clinic.

  • 3. Economy

    We offer the procedure at a reasonable price,
    One-on-one customized design before the procedure.



Premium filler procedure is provided with confidence

price of Belotero
Belotero 1㏄ 429,000 KRW

Review of the Belotero procedure



ppeum review Icon


Giving you the perfect volume
With out flaws~
Can be injected wherever you want

#No foreign body sensation or bumpy
#Perfect volume
#The shape just the way you wanted

ppeum review Icon

ppeum review Icon


Even texture without leaving flaws-
Covering from fine lines to volume
At once!

#Natural looking filler
#Boosting up your self-esteem
#Taking care of even fine lines

ppeum review Icon

ppeum review Icon


Because my face is precious
Filler should be used in premium!
Youthful face ♥

#Thank you Belotero
#Prettier face
#More defined facial profile

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It’s Q.O.Fill Plus, because there is ‘Q.O.Fill Security Insurance’!


Thermage CPT challenges to perfection. Luxurious in different dimensions from the process to the outcome


You are so beautiful due to thread lifting! Face volume and skin elasticity UP


Premium injection that improves the skin from the foundation with 53 kinds of cell activating ingredients and hyaluronic acid


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